Monday, September 10, 2012

Peaceful Protest Of Judicial Corruption Planned

A peaceful protest is planned outside the Monmouth County New Jersey Courthouse on September 24, 2012 at 9:00am.  The planned event comes after New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and other prominent officials questioned unusual revelations involving court personnel allegedly violating state and federal laws. Frustration has been mounting since judicial administrators in Monmouth County appeared to be covering-up the ever-growing list of troubling accusations against a Judge Paul Escandon.  CLICK HERE TO READ THE BACKGROUND STORY, "Another Mortgage Crisis Cover-Up, Another Lawyer-Judge Protecting Insiders" 


  1. Girls, I have not made myself known. I am not an outwardly media type of person, but it has come a time that I need to be a bit more outspoken at least to this group. Over the past two weeks, there has been irreparable harm done to my two boys. . . ages 8 and 16. I don't know where to even begin or what to even do next. My husband withdrew our 8 year old son from school two times in two weeks.
    He never enrolled him anywhere. With the assistance of a child advocate and after many attempts to work out issues regarding the children with my husband's attorney (since I no longer have one of course) as told on the record by Judge Escandon with no response, I had no other choice but to register our two sons in school. My older son has an IEP and myself along with a Child Family Team have been advocating for my son (with no assistance or involvement by his father by choice). Our youngest son attended his first day of school. It was a hard transition but he had a wonderful day. Without even notifying me, my husband picked our son up from school that day and withdrew him after his first day of school. The very next day he enrolled him in a new school without even telling me anything and I did not hear anything until 1 pm in the afternoon just as I was getting ready to set out to pick him up from the school in my district (where his father did not send him). This is pure insanity. My husband then enrolled our son in a school that stated to me in a meeting that they would not enroll him prior. I met with the school on the second day of school and met with the Board of Education in my district as well as social workers. Of course, while I was trying to work out issues regarding education, my husband went before Judge Escandon on an Order to Show Cause.

    1. And knowing Escandon he favored in ur husbands Order to show cause....This judge is awful. Needs to be removed before he ruins more families. My Ex filed two Orders to show cause, forcing me to take an offer on my house 50,000 less than asking price. Escandon denied. Ex filed again and went to higher Judge and then Escandon heard my case again and granted it. Then gave EX Power of Attny to sign documents and didnt care one bit about me and my three kids who live with me. Plus Ive been the one here in the home for 3 yrs, doing everything and the Ex hasnt lifted a finger around the house. I do it all....So after costing me thousands with 3 Motions the deal full thru. This Judge doesnt care about women on bit. I dont understand how this Judge has been on the bench for so long and is still married. His wife should divorce him and take him for everything he has!!!!! Like he has done to all the women who went before him in his court room or by his rulings and over turning what other Judges has set forth.

    2. Holland vs Morgenstern CV-12-4870
      My son has been abused, burned with marijuana, had a gun put to him,among so many other things when I complained to the judge she did nothing!

      When I complained to the Judicial committee about the judge. Esther Mickey Morgenstern, and her co-conspirators, held a fake trial against me while I was in the hospital possibly miscarrying, and filed all these illegal, unlawful, horrendous charges against me July 18, 2012. Then turned over my 4 year old son to his abuser/dad. Awarded the abuser with a current criminal child abuse case full custody.

      The dad/abuser is unemployed, can not receive welfare benefits because of fraud, has a current criminal child abuse case for assaulting the children June 27th 2012, and test positive for drugs every day until the judge switched him to random testing, then no testing at all. Judge Esther Morgenstern from Kings County Supreme court, 320 Jay street, 18th floor needs to be removed off the bench, impeached, and criminal charges filed against her.

      Criminal charges need to be filed. I told her the same October 18, 2012 when she refused to recuse herself as the judge.

      I did not know this is how the family court system work, judicial system work. This is America

  2. Understanding says:

    Congrats to these women for having the strength to fight against a system that allows corruption at the hands of the controlling parents whim. . . through connected attorneys, connected clients, and those paid off to allow women and children to suffer through family court litigation. This system wears women down all just fighting for their own rights and the rights of their children to a safe, happy, secure, and mentally healthy life. I hope there are many supporters at this protest. I support these women for their efforts.

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  4. Dear Nancy Sunshine,
    Do you really think that a Jury clerk that for years on end has used tax payer funded court office space to carry on sex trysts with another staff member during work hours should be lauded as a role model "FOR OTHER EMPLOYEES TO EMULATE"?
    IF I HAD DONE THE SAME,WOULD I BE PRAISED AS A ROLE MODEL RATHER THAN BE TERMINATED FOR TRYING TO EXPOSE THE SHAMEFUL BEHAVIOR THAT YOU FIND PRAISE-WORTHY AND WORTH EMULATING. THIS IS THE HEIGHT OF DISGRACE AND SCANDAL.BELOW IS an excerpt from the Brooklyn eagle:**Only one of these employees engaged in sex at work to the best of my knowledge,one is an unknowing victim*******
    County Clerk and Commissioner of Jurors Nancy T. Sunshine said her office was losing four veteran employees — Frank Lomonico, Saul Brill, Kathy Tricia-Frank and HAROLD FRANK.“Combined, their talents cover over a hundred years,” Sunshine said.

    “Needless to say, the office of the County Clerk has been most fortunate to have their talents in furthering the mission of this office, and without question they will be missed,” Sunshine said.“But what they leave behind is their reputation as role models, which their coworkers emulate.”

  5. I have a nightmare divorce situation which started out in everyones best interest then was manipulated in my husbands favor.Tricks at the court house the day of the divorce crossing off things I did not see but was told by my lawyer to agree to!A property settlement with three childrens names,none of which are our two children.There was no due process or fairness for me in this process and I will be without a car in the suburbs after 20yrs of marriage!After,having worked 20 yrs to a man who I supported in order to work on Wall st!The legal people played games asking for things in retainers that I could not agree to.I have been harassed continually by x and associates and have lost 10yrs without peace.This is how they do it in Middlesex family court!

  6. The New York FBI is well aware that the New York Family Courts, the only court that remains anonymous and non-public, remains this way precisely because it is actively used by foreign and domestic espionage, terrorist, activist, and other criminal organized crime elements for the purpose of entrapment, extortion, blackmail, covering up child pornography/sexual abuse/exploitation, and other criminal acts directed against certain targeted people for political, ideological, financial, or other nasty reasons, and most if not all of the Family Court Judges and Personnel are either aware of this, know about it, or actually take active part in it.

    Again - it is the ONLY court in the nation which does not operate publicly and operates in the shadows as a proverbial Star Chamber - much the like the Disciplinary Committees - but even the Criminal Courts are part of the public record - so why not the Family Courts?

    Now you know why.

  7. And what about the New York Courts!!! and a lot of those lawyers are just as corrupt!!

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