Monday, July 9, 2012

Another Mortgage Crisis Cover-Up, Another Lawyer-Judge Protecting Insiders

Another Mortgage Crisis Cover-Up, Another Lawyer-Judge Protecting Insiders
An Ethics Rouser EXCLUSIVE by Abe King - July 9, 2012

Monmouth County, New Jersey Judge Paul Escandon just may have bigger problems that the bunch- the ever-growing bunch- of angry litigants on the short-side of his judicial rulings in Monmouth County Family Court. It turns out that the very same Paul Escandon has been on the radar screen of investigators reviewing widespread mortgage fraud throughout the Garden State.

One self-described "victim" of Escandon says she understands that "everyone gets screwed in family court cases," adding, "but isn't the judge supposed to follow the law?" The "victim," who asked not to be identified, has been denied each and every request, she says, for offshore bank transfer information, where she believes most marital monies were hidden by her husband as their marriage was falling apart.

Alarm bells started going off when one investigator familiar with the statewide mortgage fraud epidemic noticed that Escandon had an unusually high amount of big-monied family court cases with virtually no useful financial documentation. "Questions surfaced whether there was a deliberate effort to suppress financial documents that might then open up bigger cans of worms," says one investigator.

The Monmouth County Courthouse has been active for months with whispers by insiders about the financial document irregularities in court cases. Further inquiries revealed startling commonality between Escandon- and those close to him- and at least one New Jersey State Senator, many high-profile attorneys and their law firms, scores of well-connected clients, various mortgage and title insurance companies, and banks- all involving thousands of troubled loans worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Escandon, a politically active attorney before winning a spot on the bench just two years ago, may also have problems with federal Misprision of Felony laws that require the reporting of crimes. Judicial ethics rules would additionally apply, from the time he became a judge, as judges are required to report any crimes to appropriate law enforcement that they happen upon in their judicial capacity.

The "victim" describes certain judges and clerks at the Monmouth County Courthouse as "complicit in the cover-up of financial crimes involving bank, title and mortgage fraud," adding, "See No Evil, Know No Evil... Escandon-style. Escandon denies financial discovery so he can protect his friends and have deniably- saying that he never saw any documents."

Investigators point to the case of Ronald J. O'Malley of Upper Saddle River, in Bergen County, who was sentenced to two years in federal prison and fined $25,000 by a federal judge in Newark after pleading guilty to conspiring to commit wire fraud by falsifying information on loan applications, home equity loan papers, and supporting documents. O'Malley was known throughout New Jersey and was a generous contributor to many election campaigns. The O'Malley case was advanced by U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman, FBI Agents under Special Agent in Charge Michael Ward, and IRS Criminal Investigative Agents under Acting Special Agent in Charge JoAnn Zuniga.



  1. The Tip of a National Iceberg .....

  2. Suffolk County has the most mortgage fraud in the UNITED STATES.Family court and all other judges are the benficiaries of a large amount of the proceeds from the fraud.
    I am unable to get into the court system in SUFFOLK. My former husband is the counties mortgage fraud perpatrater.Judge gets a satisfired mortgage I get my case dismissed.

  3. Ethics rouser? Hardly. How about slander pimp? People lose court cases and just who will the loser blame? Anyone but himself. As for the reporting of alleged crimes, yes let's take the word of some nameless hack who could have told investigators that Judge Escandon was responsible for JFK's death, Watergate, 9/11, and everything in between and Ethics Rouser would declare that all things evil reside in Monmouth County. I'd laugh my arse off if good people weren't smeared by your self-serving, non-fact based garbage.

  4. Great another scandal in Jersey. As a New Jersey native, I am fed up with the corruption that occurs on a daily basis. I have seen a lot of complaints on mortgage blogs. The latest complaint I saw was on american home mortgage servicing complaints . I noticed that they are working towards rectifying the issues, giving some relief. I hope we can stop corruption in the courts and start making progress for New Jersey.

    Peaceful protest outside of
    Monmouth County Courthouse
    September 24, 2012 at 9:00 am
    The Media has been informed and we are expecting a big turnout. Judge Paul Escandon must resign or be removed off the bench for his illegal rulings and unethical actions against women and children.
    Come and support these women and bring your friends and family too.
    Your signs should read along the lines of:
    • "Judge Escandon breaks laws and endangers the lives of children"
    • "Judge Escandon ignores State and Federal Laws"
    • "Do your job Judge Lawson and stop protecting Escandon"
    • "Monmouth County Courthouse is the Wild West of NJ"
    • "We demand JUSTICE. We demand Due Process"
    • "Get off the bench Judge Paul Escandon, you have done enough damage!!!"
    • "End Judicial Immunity. Start with Judge Escandon"

    1. Protest at 9am, Monday morning? Don't you alimony addicted losers work?

  6. Come to New York. It is worst. Especially, the First Department-Nanhattan. Take bribe right inside the court. They do not care about the F.B. I.

  7. Fighting to get Judge Escandon ImpeachedSeptember 25, 2012 at 12:18 AM


  8. Impeach Judge Paul X. Escandon

    Judge Escandon is guilty of judicial malfeasance - conduct by a public official that cannot be legally justified or that conflicts with the law - which is punishable by impeachment. There is a wealth of evidence to support the claims of many women that Judge Escandon has issued orders contradictory to state and constitutional laws, made rulings that violated their due process rights, and allowed ex-parte communications and other infractions by male litigants. Judge Escandon has been complicit in financially disabling women in his courtroom, rendering them defenseless and unable to afford legal representation, refusing to grant or enforce support, then awarding marital assets to husbands and stripping women of their parental rights, without cause. Judge Escandon has consistently ignored the safety, well-being and best interests of children, to rule in favor of wealthy, influential male litigants.
    Impeachment is a process that was written into our constitutional law to prevent this type of abuse of power through the necessary provision of checks and balances, created to protect the people. Although it is seldom used, it is a right of the people to request it of their elected officials when warranted. The responsibility of a Family Court Judge is to oversee the dissolution of a marriage, and impartially decide on unresolved matters between parties, with the best interests of the children at the forefront. It is not his duty to exercise his power to further a political agenda, impose his personal biases on litigants, or in any way benefit from the outcome of a case. Judge Escandon’s actions are criminal and must not go unpunished.
    Please contact your representatives and ask for the impeachment of Judge Paul X. Escandon. If they do not vote to impeach someone who has so arrogantly usurped his power to deliberately cause financial ruin and emotional hardship to women, while endangering children, they do not deserve to be in office, and do not deserve your vote in the next election.
    Following is a link to The New Jersey Legislature. Please look up you representative by municipality, contact those in your district, express your outrage about Judge Escandon’s actions, and ask for his impeachment. If you are not a resident of New Jersey, then contact each member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Assembly Judiciary Committee and Chief Justice Stuart Rabner and demand change, beginning with the impeachment of Judge Paul X. Excandon. We need your support to end the abuses taking place in our Judiciary (particularly in Family Court) and to stop the corruption. They need our votes to remain in office; we do not need them. We have to power to enact change!


  10. He does not have the ability to be fair. Being either against women or anyone who does not hold the $$$. I am a male and my case was cut and dry. Due to the attention gained by his corruption towards women, he has made a ruling in my case that clearly shows that his actions are without merit. He will do whatever it takes to get his arse out of the fire and it clearly show his inability to be fair to anyone. Remove him or it will only get worse. He is making joke out of the New Jersey court system at the expense of destroying families.

    1. Thank you for coming forward and telling your story. I am one of the women from the group of 80 women that has come forward against Judge Escandon, but it is nice to get some support from men. This is not about women vs. men, it is about justice and following State and Federal Laws. It is about calling out a corrupt Judge who is most likely taking money and it is about protecting children. Judge Escandon happens to be grossly biased towards women, but when you are a criminal like he most likely is, at any moment you can victimize ANYONE if it serves your purpose. REMOVE Judge Escandon off the bench. CALL Governor Christie's office and tell him that we are not going to accept judicial abuse any longer. Call Judge Lawson and tell him that he has got to take control of his courthouse (unless Judge Lawson is in on the corruption too). There should be no reason Judge Lawson wouldn't want to clean up Monmouth Courthouse unless he is enjoying the benefits of its corruption.

    2. I meant "grossly biased against women"

  11. This is sad....
    I think what is worse is the annon's who are bashing them.
    it is apparent that the Male spouses have been HIDING money and the judge never even asked or responded to question about it. Even helped the male spouse avoid child support? Thats not right! I am a male, BUT I am responsible!

  12. Dear Judge Paul Escandon,

    As of January 1, 2013, you will no longer sit on the bench in Family Court. As it has been confirmed by Monmouth County Courthouse, you will be hearing cases in Civil Court. As a group of mothers, supporters and children, we are quite sure that you will be able to cause damage on whichever bench you sit on, but we are elated to see you go. Unfortunately, the emotional mutilation you have caused to mothers and children over the past 2 years with your preference and bias towards unfit fathers and men with large bank accounts will last a life time for many of the victims who were ill-fated enough to be assigned your courtroom.

    You may be a church-going family man in the eyes of your family, neighbors and a few peers who are still left standing around you in half-hearted support of your unethical actions, but everyone else knows the truth about your character. Your moral code is nonexistent and you have disgraced the laws in which you were sworn in to uphold. As a group, we feel that you are guilty of hate crimes against mothers and children which is evident in how many times you assisted men in your courtroom in bankrupting their wives, cutting off health insurance to both mother and child, emancipating learning disabled teenagers, putting children at risk for tragedy by ignoring evidence of child molestation, physical and mental abuse, drug and alcohol addiction and helping men to displace mother and child out of their marital home and let’s not forget your Pièce de résistance of handing over 3 young children to a father who turned down the witness protection program and is a self-confessed murderer.

    The fact that you can sleep at night means that you have hate in your heart and quite possibly, unclean money stuffed underneath your mattress.

    Enjoy Civil Court. We hope that our next letter to you will be addressed to Federal Prison.

  13. escandon/ ur a jackass!