Friday, July 6, 2012

Ethics Corruption Attorney Asks New Jersey Governor to Request Federal Intervention

Ethics Corruption Attorney Asks New Jersey Governor to Request Federal Intervention 

An Ethics Rouser EXCLUSIVE by Abe King - July 6, 2012
Governor Chris Christie Asked to Seek a Federal Monitor Over Troubled Court

Christine Anderson, a noted former-government ethics attorney, is calling on New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to ask the U.S. Department of Justice to appoint a federal monitor to review corruption in the Garden State's court system in Monmouth County.

Anderson is very familiar with how nasty the world of questioning any state's ethics oversight can be. She was physically assaulted by a supervisor, and ultimately fired, after she exposed widespread corruption in the New York State Court office that monitors the ethics of all attorneys in The Bronx and Manhattan. Public hearings then exposed the lack of any ethics in the New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct- the state group charged with monitoring the ethics of all judges in the Empire State. 

Ms. Anderson is part of a national group of professionals, including attorneys and former judges, that have been reviewing hot spots of what the group officially calls "ethical meltdowns." One member of the group, a former state court employee who asked for anonymity is more direct. "Certain attorneys and judges have been allowed to completely corrupt certain courts and the rule of law simply because of their political friends and overlooked state-court-sponsored bullying."

The ethics oversight failings of Monmouth County, New Jersey have been under review for about a year, but only recently the subject of mainstream media coverage when the New York Post published an article, by Gary Buiso on June 24, 2012, "NJ ex-wives say divorce judge favors rich hubbies."

Anderson's group decided to publicly weigh in on Monmouth County, New Jersey after it was confirmed that various inquiries were underway by the FBI. "Unfortunately, federal prosecutors must take extraordinary steps- and that takes a long time. But while those investigations continue, you have litigants- families including young children- being destroyed," says the former state court employee. "We don't necessarily point to any specific judge, knowing that many acts of corruption involve lawyers and clerks, but you must ultimately go up the 'ethics ladder of oversight' - and accountability lands in the lap of supervisory judges, administrators, legal ethics entities and, in New Jersey, the Governor."

The New York Post article focused on Monmouth County Judge Paul X. Escandon, a former criminal defense attorney. "It's important to be fair," says another member of Anderson's group noting that family court cases are always "highly-emotionally charged." One judge, and group member, has a wider perspective, saying, "Every decision I make leaves me with one enemy for life, and one temporary friend- until the next decision doesn't completely go his or her way."

But everyone agrees that somethings appears to be really, really wrong in Monmouth County, New Jersey. Supervisory judges are not taking charge and, according to current Monmouth County court employees, folks have been guiding FBI agents along the "follow-the-money" trails. The New York Post article mentioned one case- especially disturbing to Anderson's group- involving a known mobster, Nicholas Pisciotti, who admitted his involvement in a murder but who somehow then regained custodial standing from Judge Paul Escandon. Investigators reviewing the true motivations behind Judge Escandon's rulings have recently uncovered the New York case of Joseph Carulso against the same Nicholas Pisciotti (NY County Supreme Court Case 06-112432) where Carulso was awarded $2 Million Dollars in damages from the physical beating he received from Pisciotti and his friends. That New York court judge noted the victim's "extensive and ongoing medical, neurological and psychological and rehabilitation treatment" - all from the beating by Pisciotti upon victim Carulso, a former New York Times employee.

Anderson's Ethics Oversight Review group believes any inquiry into the Monmouth County court will, at a minimum, find improper decisions to favored insiders- including connected law firms- and without regard to the rule of law. And while they applaud Governor Christie's bold initiatives in New Jersey, they believe that even he (Gov. Christie) doesn't realize exactly how badly corrupt certain courts in the state have become. The former court employee is clear, "the public deserves a full, complete and open review of what appears to be widespread violations of federal laws in the Monmouth County court system- and Governor Christie should lead the way by publicly asking for the appointment of a federal monitor. Governor Christie has a proven record in attempting to help restore the faith of the people in their government."  MORE ON THIS SOON......


  1. As we are all so damn busy today as technology yet more information available, what we do get exposed to gets thinner and thinner. My point here (Abe)is that at the conclusion of any such story (ie-Anderson)a 'link' be provided so a spontaneous and immediate COURT APPEARANCE date is provided the reader of when/where to show support those , like you, involved in these efforts. I've attended and sat through Anderson. I would rather had forced to stand due to the overwhelming attendance to such. The KISS principle speaks for itself while a greater and INCREASING attendance commands attention and sends a message of...need I say more? Just a thought that would cost nothing.

  2. There is going to be a PROTEST on September 24th 2012 at 9:00 am across the street from Monmouth County Courthouse.
    PLEASE come and support these women who are speaking out against Judge Paul Escandon's unethical and illegal actions on the bench. We have invited the MEDIA and they will be there reporting on this peaceful protest. We will have our voices heard and we will speak out against Judge Escandon abusing his power on the bench and Judge Lawson allowing him to do so. Make up your signs and come to the protest! "Judge Lawson do you job" "Judge Escandon stop victimizing women" "Monmouth County is the Wild West of New Jersey" and "Judge Escandon step down off the bench, no one wants you"

  3. I heard that Paul Escandon is about to be federally indicted. Very sad that justice only comes after a revolution.

  4. It's not the only county this is happening in. Mercer County is no better.

  5. Hi there.. I have been trying to find a forum on this particular topic...
    CORRUPTION IN MONMOUTH COUNTY... I have some one there is county lock up,who by the way committed NO CRIME... what he did was totaly legal,and well documented,he purchased a home form a woman,and did it through an attorney and she was a friend of his,she also left him her entire estate,but...the courts are saying that is a CRIME,is it??I always thought a person can leave their estates,wills,posessions,or what ever, to who ever they want,wheather friend, family,or who ever? I know there is something terribly wrong with the system in Monmouth county,everyone seems to have made up their mind about this case!!and not to mention the judge is practicly forcing him to "make a deal"but is not saying what kind of deal he wants to make!!
    oh yes forgot to mention,he has been there 15 long months,no bail reduction,which by the way the amount is outrageous, and there is absouletly no evidence against him,because there was NO CRIME committed, the lawyers,judges,prosecutors,are all in this together,like some kind of ELITE MENS CLUB,and the conditions in the jail are horrible,too cold in the winter,too hot in the summer,just because the guys there may have broken a law ,that is no way for them to be treated,they are HUMAN, we dont treat out animals like that.He feels like he is being held hostage,as if in another country,not in United States of America,which by the way he was born here,and he feels as if he is being discriminated against,his rights are being violated,oh and very important he had 4 lawyers so far,and they ALL seem to get INTIMIDATED from either the Judge,or the Prosecutor or someone after a while on the case,and do not fight hard enough for their clients rights!! If there is anyone out there who can help me in this situation plz do reply in this forum,I do thank you for your time,and being here for me,have a blessed evening....


    IF, in any way, Sheldon R. Franklin, or for that matter any other person, believes I have libelled him/them, I will be only too happy to meet him/them in Court.

    As an interested bystander, I would like to raise the point that I have observed the type of corruption, mentioned above, in NJ Courts for myself. In my case, not in Monmouth or Mercer, but in Ocean County. Specifically, in the Family Court of Judge, and I use the word advisedly, Sheldon R. Franklin.

    Franklin, in the case to which I am referring quite clearly came to the Court with a predisposition to rule in favor of the Defendant-wife who was claiming exempt property.
    In his first utterance on the subject, Franklin stated that the Plaintiff would have a hard time proving that the property "would NOT" be exempt, thus puting the burden of proof onto the Plaintiff. This is clearly contrary to the settled Law of the State of NJ which clearly states that the "burden of proof" lies with the party claiming exemption; in this case the Defendant.
    Franklin, then proceeded to to grant Partial Summary Judgment in favor of the Defendant on this issue despite the fact that there was substantial evidence that:
    1. The Defendant-wife had used Marital monies in the purchase of prior properties which were subsequently converted into the purported "gifts".
    2. The Plaintiff husband had contributed, in major non-pecuniary ways to the enhancement and preservation of the purportedly "gifted" properties.
    3. A Certification of the Defendant's brother, in support of her application for Partial Summary Judgment, was replete with falsehoods.
    4. There was clear evidence from a previous family (Defenant's) attorney that the properties used in the purported "gift" conversion were, in fact, sold to the Defendant - as already stated, there was evidence that the Defendant was paying mortgages on these properties to her father who had sold her them.

    Clearly, these were contended issues which required to be tried.

    Unfortunately, Franklin decided that there were no issues of contention. Indeed, in his Ruling when referring to the mortgages, he stated that he "found these irrelevant". He also stated that substantial work done on the parties' NY apartments, also pruported "gifts", to bring one into a habitable condition, was for the benefit of the Defendant's brother or father despite the fact that Defendant partially owned the building in which the apartments were situated.

    What is utterly amazing is that the Appellate Division, in face of the settled Law of NJ, supported and affirmed Franklin's decision. Indeed, the Appellate Justices gave credence to the transparent falsehoods of Defendant's brother and completely washed over the mortgage payments.

    To be continued...............

  7. Continued from above..............

    To add insult to injury, Franklin then proceeded to classify the rental proceeds from the purportedly "gifted" Commercial Rental property as an "active" asset liable for Equitable Distribution.
    Depite the fact that the Plaintiff-husband acted as manager, carrying out all manegement functions, and did substantial enhancement and preservation work on the property, all for no remuneration, Franklin split the award 80/20% in favor of the substantially richer wife.
    This issue was addressed, on Appeal, by the Appellate Court who observed that another of Defendant's brothers was now managing the property and was being paid the equivalent of 24/25% for "a couple of hours/wk."

    Also, Plaintiff managed his then-wife's, who suffers from bi-polar disorder, investments, again for no remuneration. Currently, her Attorney-in-fact- another family attorney, is being paid the equivalent of some 40% for this very same work.

    Due to this perceived inequity, the Appellate Justices Remanded E.D. for "further fact-finding" which raises another extremely concerning issue about Franklin's position as a Judge.
    Franklin has quite clearly stated that he is unaware of what the Appellate Court requires him to do and that he is minded to send the same decision back up. This is simple an incredible position for him to take.

    What is really bizarre, and I believe to be corrupt has been Franklin's handling of this Remand as he:

    1. Ordered further discovery on the issue giving the parties 20 days to propound this discovery and 20 days for them to respond.
    2. Plaintiff responded compliantly.
    3. Defendant failed to respond in any way, except by emailing a one (1) page letter to Plaintiff at 11.54PM one day after the deadline for the completion of Discovery, on the pretext that Plaintiff's fax machine was not working. Clearly this was simply an excuse as Defendant's attorney had had, and had used, Plaintiff's email address for some considerable time.
    4. Some 10 days after the deadline for discovery, Plaintiff compliantly filed a Motion to Strike after Defendant continued to refuse to provide any discovery after being put on Notice to her violation. This was a clearly willful act by the Defendant's representives - two (2) attorneys of some 80yrs. combined litigation experience.
    5. Defendant's representatives simultaneously frivolously filed for a Protective Order requiring that she did not have to respond to discovery.
    6. BIZARRELY, at the Hearing set to dispose of the Motions, Franklin made no decision on either motion. Instead, he proceeded to rule on the content of Plaintiff's discovery requests despite the fact that each and every one of Plaintiff's requests were relevant to the Remand and fully supported by the elements of NJSA 2A:34-23.1 and the copious governing Case Law.
    7. Even more bizarrely, at a recent continuance of the above Hearing, Franklin again failed to address Plaintiff's substantive motion. The only reason for this can be that he (Franklin) would have been compelled by his own previous reasoning in a previous Defendant-inspired discovery issue in this litigation.
    Also, incredibly, Franklin sanctioned Plaintiff $750 for failing to discuss with Defendant's attorney removing some of his discovery requests - clearly, this Order was illogical as both Plaintiff's and Defendant's motions had still to be decided.
    However, even more bizarrely, Defendant was sanctioned $70 for causing Plaintiff to have to file his motion; a motion which Franklin has still not addressed in any meaningful way.

    To be continued....................

  8. Continued from above..................

    Having given the bare bones of only one aspect of this litigation, I believe that it is extremely clear that Franklin is clearly unfit for his position as it can only be assumed that he came to the Trial with a predisposition to find in the Defendant's favor and has grossly abused his "wide" discretion to the extent of standing the Law of NJ on its head.

    Whether he is corrupt, or simply grossly incompetent is for others to decide. However, given the support of some of his more egregious decisions by the Appellate Court, I doubt that any useful purpose will be served by invoking the assistance of the NJ Judiciary.

    If Ms Anderson is interested in this "3 Ring Circus" laughingly called justice, I will be glad to supply her with all of the details of this particular case. A case, I believe which bring "justice" in NJ into disrepute and opens it to ridicule.

    What is worse, is that it allows not only corrupt individuals to escape unpunished but also allows unethical practitioners to keep "billing the hours" at the expense of honest and/or disadvantaged clients and opponents.

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  24. Hi, I desperately need to speak with someone regarding the old family court judge. I understand he has retired. I'm only going to use his initials, S.F, Ocean County Family Court. Another gentleman above also wrote about him. This is very, very important. Does anyone know how I can get in contact with one of the attorneys mentioned in the story at the top of this page? Thank you for all your help. If anyone can help please reply, I will check back often.