Thursday, May 15, 2014

EthicsGate Announces New York State Corruption Contest

Submit your best Corruption Story Today !  

No need to be creative- good or bad- all the corruption is very real !  

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Monday, December 16, 2013

Governor Cuomo Asked to Shut Down NY's Corrupt Court "Ethics" Committees

Governor Andrew Cuomo has been asked to shut down New York's Corrupt Court "Ethics" Oversight Committees: all statewide attorney "ethics" committees and The Commission on Judicial Conduct (the "CJC")….. see the letter to Governor Cuomo…..

Sunday, March 17, 2013

New Jersey Group Sets Date to Push Judge's Removal

The "Remove Judge Paul Escandon Off the Bench" rally is set for 11am in Trenton, New Jersey, according to the New Jersey group's Facebook page....

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Corruption Petition Now Posted on White House Website

Corruption Petition Now Posted on White House Website 


 Establish a Commission, by Executive Order, to Investigate the widespread Corruption in and about the U.S. Legal System As this nation’s ultimate Protector of the Peace, the President is authorized to investigate any harm- foreign and domestic- to our system of law. The corruption of legal ethics and its oversight has resulted in wholesale Crimes Against US Families- at all levels of Federal Courts, Bankruptcy and State, Family, Probate, Criminal, local courts and in Law Enforcement.

We must address widespread Fraud Upon the Court, Judicial and Prosecutorial Misconduct, Immunity and legal-related elections. Every citizen- including respected judges, lawyers and federal/state/local government workers- deserve Due Process and a System of Law that is void of fraud, manipulation, cover-up and corruption. Oversight is non-existent, as it is now corrupted. Please help us restore our faith in our government.


Monday, November 26, 2012

Cut Corruption, Not Jobs

New York's corrupt "System of Justice" has been ruining America. Think Wall Street. The Culture of Corruption MUST end. The petition asks The White House to:

Restore the faith of the people in their justice system by withdrawing the Presidential nomination of Jonathan Lippman

When the petition gets 25,000 signatures, the Obama Administration will issue an official response. (Your first name, and only the first letter of your last name, is used, along with- OPTIONAL- your city and state.  Note: after registering, you may have to link back through
Forward this email to all of your contacts.
Please register and sign the petition today.